Unique breeds of French AND English bulldogs

Carlotta puppies was born out of a passion for dogs and in particular French and British bulldogs, a breed renowned for its pedigree, superior health and character and rare and sophisticated breed variants.
Carlotta's Puppies is a young and growing company that combines a love for dogs with a dedication to breeding, training, and engaging daily to create a community that brings all bulldog owners and fans together.
cucciolo bulldog francese standard

Standard French Bulldog

Sociable, lively, playful and very fond of children, the French bulldog is a cute and sporty puppy. Find out more in the site section dedicated to French Bulldogs!
cucciolo bulldog francese blu in giardino

French Blue Bulldog

Known for its rarity, this particular breed of French bulldog is completely unique. To find out more, visit the site section dedicated to the French Blue Bulldog!
bulldog inglese adulto

English Bulldog

Affectionate, quiet and eager to please, the English bulldog is the perfect pet dog. Find out all the information you could need about this puppy in the special section of our website!
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Through the passion and commitment of Carlotta's Puppies to share useful, accurate information about French and English bulldogs, a large and vibrant community has developed online, built out of our love for our puppies. Our Facebook page, created to provide information on the purchase of French and English bulldog puppies, today has over 110,000 members, each day exchanging news and experiences about their four-legged friends. Carlotta's Puppies are also on YouTube and Instagram: Join our community and take part in discussions with the hashtag #icucciolidicarlotta!

Join our facebook group to learn more about the families who bought our puppies

Certified breeding

Since 2014, Carlotta Puppies have bred and selected their puppies ethically by collaborating with KAS (Kennel Association Slovensko).

Since 2016, Carlotta's Puppies is also a recognized WDF (World Canine Science Federation) breeding ground for its high quality standards for commitment and proven passion that have led to great results, incorporating the Carlotta Puppies of the elite of European dogs And World Championships
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Unique, ethical puppies

Our puppies are bred and selected outside of any commercially-motivated conditioning, and you will be receiving a puppy selected for its health, beauty and character outside of any exploitation.

Passport and canine registration

All of our puppies are endowed with a valid and anti-rabid European passport with a verifiable serial number at the European Canine Registry. With this Link you can check the truthfulness of the passport data including the date of birth and inoculation with its 21 day immunisation Rabies vaccine. This is in order to counter the plague of puppies imported illegally or not according to the laws in force- often with fake documents

You can check your puppy's passport electronically with this link.

For information on our puppies, you can contact us with WhatsApp: +39-3401371049

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